About Tasty F-Stops

berry_holderHello there and thanks for stopping by my little blog.  My original intent for this blog was to share my photo stories of the places I go, the people I meet, the food I eat, and where that food comes from. 

Last summer (August of 2015) I finally decided to tackle my life long digestive issues.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I have so many fabulous food blogger friends who blog about food allergies.  When reading these blogs and the symptoms they had I realized I had a lot of these same issues and symptoms. 

I was diagnosed with IBS over 20 years ago and was told this was a permanent condition.  Unfortunately at that time, I didn’t think the way I do now.  I figured, well, I’ll just avoid the foods that give me issues and just deal with it.  When my IBS took a turn for the worse last summer I decided to figure out WHY I had IBS and to try to reverse my symptoms, without drugs.

I have to thank all my food blogger friends out there for helping me see another way to get healthy – through diet and through our food.  My friends have reversed their symptoms or their children’s symptoms of autoimmune diseases with food.  This is an amazing thing.  So I decided to try this myself.

Unfortunately I didn’t really go about this the right way at first, as described in the post Going Gluten Free the Wrong Way.  I started my journey without a doctor as an experiment.  I cut out gluten and felt so much better within just a few days.  Then when I was having issues with other foods I realized there was much more to this than just a gluten sensitivity.  That was when I started working with some great doctors to really try and figure this out.

So I’ll be posting here as I go about my journey to good health and sharing what I learn so that maybe I can help someone struggling with the same thing.