Chef Debbi’s Garden and Some Honey Bee Info

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Borage Blossom | Tasty F-Stops

Deb’s garden is almost in full bloom with a couple weeks left before summer.

Borage Blossom | Tasty F-Stops

This is a Borage blossom.  Deb uses this as a companion plant in her garden.  It helps protect beans, tomatoes, spinach and strawberries.  The older blossoms are blue and the younger ones are pink.

Borage Plant | Tasty F-Stops

Borage is an herb that is native to the Mediterranean and is used medicinally for a number of things.  It can also be eaten as a fresh veggie or as a dried herb.  The blossoms are also edible and make very pretty garnishes.

It’s growing very nicely in Deb’s garden and the bees just love it.

Bee on Borage Blossom | Tasty F-Stops

Above you can see an older worker bee really enjoying the Borage blossom.  See how tattered his wings are?  I had never seen this before as they move so fast and only I noticed them once I got back to the studio and looked at my images.

I had no idea that bees wings get tattered as they age.  I looked it up and found some great honey bee info in a very old, interesting series of articles called, “Gleanings Bee Culture“.  The link is the free ebook on google.  These were trade publications by Amos Ives Root.  He is the first man to figure out how to harvest honey without killing the hives and he sold bee keeping equipment for a short time.  Today his company is the Root Candle Company and it’s still run by his surviving family.

In the June 15th, 1901 Journal, Dr. G. M. Doolittle was interviewed about bees.  He explained that the worker bee’s life is only about 40 days long in the summer and it’s very easy to tell a new bee from an older bee.

New Bee and Old Bee | Tasty F-Stops

A younger bee on the left with perfect wings and an older bee on the right with tattered wings.

The worker bees have such a short life in the summer.  A younger bee has more yellow on his body, has more fur on his body, and his wings are in good shape.  The older they get, the darker their bodies get from the sun, they have less fur and their wings get very tattered.

Young Work Bee | Tasty F-Stops

Above is a younger bee with bright bold yellow colors and perfect wings.

Here are more things growing in Deb’s garden:

And some other fruits and veggies growing in the community garden:

It’s starting to get hotter in the garden as we approach summer in a few days.  Deb’s garden will really take off then.

Stay tuned as Debbi will share some easy yummy recipes for the veggies she’s growing in her garden that you can also make at home.


Christina Peters

Christina is a professional food photographer in Los Angeles.She also teaches food photography classes at her studio, and has a how-to blog,
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