Gardening in Spring | Chef Debbi’s Garden

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Gardening in Spring | Tasty F-Stops

Gardening with Chef Debbi.

It has only been over a month and Deb’s garden has exploded with new growth and tons of butterflies!  The butterflies love her butterfly-bush, or Buddleja, also known as summer lilac.  The bush is covered with loads of purple flowers with nectar that the butterflies love to drink.

Monarch Butterfly | Tasty F-Stops

The butterfly-bush is also called a Laravae host plant.  The monarchs will lay their eggs on the back side of the leaves on this bush.  When the caterpillars emerge from their eggs, they will then nibble on the leaves as they grow larger.  Then, they enter the pupal stage where they will transform from the caterpillar into a butterfly inside their chrysalis in about two weeks.

Right now, the monarchs are mating and flying around like professional stunt bugs.  Very fun to see.

Growing Plants | Tasty F-Stops

These seedlings on the left were planted March 25th and the image on the right is how much they grew by May 13th – Deb does not use any chemicals in her garden so no Miracle Grow going on here!

Gardening in spring is so exciting because your plants will give you instant satisfaction with how fast they grow!  I was shocked how much the garden changed in just a few weeks.

Gardening | Tasty F-Stops

Deb plants beneficial flowers in her garden.  She just planted Marigolds, as their strong smell will ward of the bugs that eat tomato plants and will also draw other bugs away from the tomato plants.

Tasty F-Stops

Here’s several more shots of Deb’s garden:

Not only has Deb’s garden exploded, but the entire garden community is plentiful with all kinds of fruits and veggies:

It is truly amazing to see our plants grow from seedlings to a massive 5 foot tall plant.  In the gallery above you can see what artichokes do if you let them keep growing after they are ripe – they turn into flowers!

Hopefully next time I’ll catch all those baby grapes getting perfect and plump on the vine.

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Christina Peters

Christina is a professional food photographer in Los Angeles.She also teaches food photography classes at her studio, and has a how-to blog,
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  1. says

    Your photo’s are so incredibly beautiful and the one of the butterfly is absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing with me another way to look at my garden!


    • Christina Peters says

      Thanks Patti! It is a pretty beautiful place and the veggies from it are so tasty! Deb and I are going to do some recipes. She’ll do the recipes and I’ll photograph them with veggies from her garden.

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